"Frammenti",  2013, metallo scolpito, 240 x 120 x 50

The air ballon of hope

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We are Fabric.
Our Skin is a Fabric.
Bursting out and releasing our ideas is vital, fundamental.
Therefore is indispensable to do it.
The society where we live in presently tends to annihilate all our efforts; it looks like that everything goes backwards, compared to our living’s system.
If we wish to reconquer all that the “higher powers” stole us: personality, dignity and time… Let’s open with bravery and force this box! Let’s free ourselves!!
Let’s love each other !Let’s our thought run free !
Just speaking at the worls fearless.
If that will happen, the fabric will start to get together again, a smile will reappear to shine and light up un our faces.

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