"Il viandante" , 2013, cemento legno e resine, 100 x 100 x 150

The wanderer

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Soul is in our body, grows up, matures and changes itseld during our lifetime, regenerating in something imperceptible to mankind, but very influential because outcome of gestures, words, behaviours and actions.
The old worn out and consumed shoes represent the passage of the generation gap and the preserve of what has been this “human living”.
Be walking on a fine line of that thick stick is the compass that guide us constantly; suddenly that steely duality between body and soul will decompose to undertake a new journey straight for the unknown eternity.
This means to me that all our actions reverberate in to every souls we meet generating consequently feelings and emotions that once our human transit is concluded, are able to help and improve the neighbor giving back the continuity of life.

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