L'intento (2009) - sculture installazioni

L’intento (2009) – sculture installazioni

Mario Artioli Tavani , self-taught sculptor, was born in Florence in 1965.

Showing a spontaneous passion for sculture and painting until childhood It is only around his thirties that sculpture becomes his “lifestyle” During his teen time he had the privilege to know and get in touch with painter Bruno Saetti , to take classic guitar lessons privately (Florence’s Conservatory) and get with his paintings many international awards .
In his adult time he studied privately anatomy to enhance his knowledges of human body .
In his works he prefers the use of iron , with this material he improves his technique and creativity , but he obviously doesn’t disregard further materials such as marble , stone , resins .
By marble he finds a mass already existent , by iron he starts up from a inanimate foil that he models freely with the help of various tools he creates himself .
The satisfaction he has modelling iron is endless ,facing his coldness , his hardness transforming his work in a fight , but coming in the end as a sweet duo dance able to move and instill love and passion .

La femminilità (2006) - sculture arredo

La femminilità (2006) – sculture arredo

Under his belt , many exhibitions : collectives in 2012 “Anima e Passione” –Museo Colle Viterbo’s Dome – 2010 “ To reflect” – Coaching Kultur Gallery – Berlin ; “Biennale in London” – Gagliardi Gallery – London – 2009 – “Biennale internazionale dell’arte contemporanea VII edizione di Firenze “ ; “Biennale di Chianciano – Gagliardi Gallery – Chianciano Terme (Siena) and his solo exhibitions in 2013 :installation during the event in memory of Tullio Romano of Marcellos Ferial – Carpi (Modena) – Sanctuary of blessed Virgin of consolation in San Marino’s country at the presence of the regents ; performance “Frammenti” Museum for contemporary art Luigi Pecci , Prato – performance of Theatre –dancesculpture  – 2012 oratory San Niccolo di Bari , Vernio (Prato) – performance with Beethoven’s opera “ Himn to the joy” ; San Domenico’s Church (Prato) – Installation “the prayer” municipality Roseto degli Abruzzi (Teramo) “Pensieri forgiati – forged Thoughts” .
Some of his works joined private and public collections ; 2013 “l’incontro – the meeting” San Domenico’s Church (Prato) – “Inter-esse invicem “ private collection”  London – 2012 “ La Foglia dell’anima- Leave’s soul” – National chief and supreme head of canadian Natives Ruben Alden George – Vancouver (Canada) ;
“Agribusiness’s forgery “ – National Chief and supreme Head of Sioux’s Lakota – Leonard Olden Gon – Berkeley (California) – 2011- “ per un cantico delle creaturefor a creatures’s canticle” -private collection – the work has been blessed and shown during Saint Mass for the SS.Trinity – Prato’s Dome with the patronage of Prato’s Curia 2009 – “Viaggio nel temo -Timetrip “ – public work Mulinaccio’s Villa (Vaiano -Prato).

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